Conditions Treated

Food Sensitivities

Loss of oral tolearnce to foods is becoming much more widespread likely because of environmental stressors


Autoimmune diseases are more prevalent today than 50 years ago. Our modern world can lead to immune dysfunction.


Acupuncture and bodywork can significantly reduce pain without the need for medications..

Gastrointestinal Disorders

Good health begins with a healthy gut GI issues can lead to increased inflammation, mental health issues and more.

Men’s and Women’s Health

Chinese Medicine has 2000 years of written history to help support both mens and women's sexual health. No need to listen to those testosterone commercials.

Hormonal Disorders

Chinese medicine can help bring balance to the neuroendocrine systems in our body.


Fatigue can have many etiologies. Sometimes people are actually 'deficient' and need building up. Sometimes people actually have a lot of energy, but it is just locked up and stuck.


George is credentialed by the American Board of Oriental and Reproductive Medicine which helps him keep up with the latest protocols used by Reproductive Endocrinologist.


Our treatments can absolustely help reduce the anxiety and stress we preceive from this times we live in.

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